Diversity and Inclusivity in the Publishing Industry

The Reading Corner’s believes in a world where writers and creatives from all backgrounds are treated and valued the same, regardless of the colour of their skin or where they were born. We strive to be a safe place for all creators to be their true selves, speak up and promote their ideals and work.

In 2020, Dr Anamik Saha and Dr Sandra van Lente from the University of London, directed a study titled “Rethinking ‘Diversity’ in Publishing”. The study found writers of colour are not afforded the same industry access, creative freedoms or economic value as their white colleagues. The shocking study also reveals that each stage of the publishing process is virtually built to amplify the voices of middle-class, white people. 

From exposure to pay, inequality runs rampant in the publishing industry, where a Black writer, regardless of how big their following is, might be getting up to ten times less pay than a white author. 

How are we helping?

Every project created by The Reading Corner puts diverse students, authors and young people at the centre of their efforts. These are 3 ways in which we are directly promoting and supporting diversity and inclusivity in the publising industry:

The Reading Corner Blog

Mentorship & Scholarship Programmes

Literacy Programme

Our Blog serves as a safe space for diverse authors to promote their upcoming releases, express themselves freely and speak up about their concerns in the publishing industry and their wishes for it going forward.

Check our interviews here.

Our Mentorship and Scholarship programmes support diverse students and graduates who want to build a career in the publishing industry.

Learn more about Mentorships here.

Learn more about Scholarships here.

Our Literacy Programme is our biggest and most ambitious project. We aim to provide schools and hospitals with low literacy rates with books and materials necessary to promote inclusivity, diversity and acceptance while making literature fun and engaging.

Learn more about our Literacy Programme here

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