2024 Scholarship Programme

The Reading Corner’s Scholarship Fund has been created for students who believe in the importance of literature, and how it can change the world and enrich an individual’s life. These scholarships will support students from all around the UK, providing them with financial aid so they only have to focus on making the publishing industry a better place and making the most out of their studies. 

For the first time in 2024, The Reading Corner will be launching a scholarship programme for students all around the United Kingdom. Scholarships will be available for diverse students who want to build a career in the publishing or communications industries. We are looking for students looking to study a Bachelor or Master’s degree in English, Publishing, Translation, Communication or Illustration, although other degrees will be considered on an individual basis. You will have to demonstrate your need for financial support and how you wish to inspire future generations through literature. 

Why a scholarship programme?

TRC’s scholarship programme aims to increase opportunities for diverse students and young people from disadvantaged or marginalised communities. A UK Bachelor’s degree costs almost £30.000 – without taking maintenance loans into consideration – and will take an average of 30 years to pay back. Many students in the UK don’t pursue their dreams for fear of entering this enormous amount of debt at such a young age. 

The publishing and communications industries are extremely competitive, and we want to make sure that young people who dream of working with books are given the best opportunities to build their careers in the sector, without having to worry about being in debt for the next 30 years of their lives. 

When will I be able to apply?

The Scholarship Programme is a work in progress, and won’t be available until 2024. Right now, efforts are focused on building a programme that will support as many students as possible in 2024. Eligibility, application guidelines and more information will be published on the website and social media as the project develops. 

For more details, please email admin@thereadingcorner.art

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